Thursday, July 10, 2014

FRANK THOMPSON Magician, creator, master gambler, card shark and pool shark...

"Frank was one of a kind for sure. Jeff  Altman and Frank Thompson had driven out to New York City. They ended up too broke to get home...and both were hungry. Frank told Jeff to just stop just outside New York in some town in New Jersey  and find the pool hall. Jeff found the pool hall and parked. Frank then pulled out a wad of money that would choke a horse. Jeff said to Frank...
"Shit I thought you said you were broke?" Frank said "that's my gambling stake...without that I'm out of business. Now let me go inside and win some money so we can eat and get home to Baltimore!" -As told to Don Driver by Jeff Altman


  1. I might add Jeff Altman is the one that told me this story.

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