Sunday, December 8, 2013

JOHN WATERS The World's Most Insane Filmmaker


Growing up with John Waters (an interview) 

 1972 Pink Flamingos
The Birthday Present Scene
Movie That Shook The World (documentary) 
1974 Female Trouble
The Aunt Ida and Gator scene 
1977 Desperate Living
The complete film on youtube...

1981 Polyester
The complete film on Youtube...
The Trailer...
1988 Hairspray 

1990 Cry Baby
1994 Serial Mom
1998 Pecker
2000 Cecil B.Demented
 2004 A Dirty Shame
 Edith Massey as Queen Carlotta in Desperate Living
 Divine as Dawn Davnport in Female Trouble
 1972 Divine as Babs Johnson in Pink Flamingos
 "Hey Ernie, would you like some pretzels?"
"No thank you Aunt Ida... pretzels give you plaque"

"Oh, I want them all Egg Man... I want them all."
1972 Mink Stole as Connie Marble in Pink Flamingos

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  1. I used to see him at the clubs in Baltimore- I wish I would have had the nerve to go up and speak to him!

    Probably one of Baltimore's most outrageous celebrities, definitely one of the most notorious!

    Thanks for the great movies- and the hysterical laughter they invoked. I still watch them, and my niece's daughter absolutely loves (the late) Divine!