Thursday, December 5, 2013


So he was nicknamed by close friends.
Born Henry Nicholas Fetsch
Henry grew up close friends with Phil Thomas & Milbourne Christopher.
Inventor of Mental Epic (1954), and various rope magic effects, including "Quad Ropelets,(1955)" the pre-cursor of The Professor's Nightmare. Also invented Symbologic, Wallet Wallop, Silk Epic (1951), Visible 20th Century (1952), and Rope Epic(1943).
Wrote: Miniature Card Magic (1943), Milk Pitcher Magic(1946), Magic at your Fingertips (with Milbourne Christopher) (1947), Rope Sessions with Hen Fetsch (1954), Quad Ropelets (1955) , Chinatown Quarter Magic (1955) , The Five O' Fetsch (1956), Magic With Canes (1960)
HEN FETCH: This book, 'Fetching Magic' BY Robert Kirkwood Spencer is available now from Viking press. (see below)

Fetch was himself author and inventor of many magic effects.
1) Miniature Card Magic; With Additions By Lloyd E. Jones by Hen" Fetch (Jan 1, 1943) 

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