Thursday, January 2, 2014


From left to right
Karen Beriss, Alain Nu, Barry Wood, George A Woo, Brian Curry Kloske, Kenny Wardrick, Bob Sheets, Theo Rushin Jr. Mark Phillips, George A. Bradley, Eric Henning, Niox Mayhem, Denny Haney, Kim Z Magic, William Gross, Kevin D. Kirtley, Spencer Horsman, Illusions By Vick, Peter Wood, Kevin Lee, Danny Weiser, Mike Rose, Michael Cantor, Brian Rudo, Smoothini, David London, Dave Thomen, Mike Kaminskas, Anthony Ware, Cal Horlick, James Taylor, Ed Russe.
(TOP ROW left to right)  
Ernest B. Marx, Thomas C. Worthington III, Hen Fetsch, Phil Thomas,  Milbourne Christopher, The "Kellathurma" party, McCarl Roberts, George Goebel, Mark Walker, Denny Haney, Howard Scharwzman.
(MIDDLE ROW left to right)  

Walter Gibson, Bob Tilford, Thurston in Baltimore (with Phil Thomas, Hen Fetsch and Milbourne Christopher),  Dantini, Stu Kerr as Professor Kool, Nancy Claster, Jack Gaylin, Don Driver at the Baltimore Inner Harbor, Kevin Kirtley, Charles Covington and Dick Kohl
(BOTTOM ROW left to right) 

John Eck, the original DEMONS club, Bob McCallister,  George Horn, Capt. Chesapeake, The Ford's Theater, Miss Rhea, Vin Carey, Frank Chapman, Carroll Bish, Walt Hudson and James Taylor. 
 (TWO AT VERY BOTTOM left to right) 
The original demons clubhouse and Houdini in Baltimore 1916.

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